Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yankees win 8-2 over Blue Jays

The Yankees put up a five spot early and Andy Pettite never looked back. With Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui out due to nagging injuries the youth had to stand tall. Bret Gardner had a big game hitting his first carreer homerun and added triple. Key hits by Ramiro Pena and Fransico Cerville help carry the Yankees to a 8-2 win. Andy Pettite went six plus of solid work before Alfedro Aceves finished the job. Mark Teixiera hit the ball hard and seems to be getting close to be on track after two soild hits. Johnny Damon countinues to be hot adding a triple in the second inning outburst. The Yankees can head back to New York with a winning road trip with a win tonight.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A.J. Burnett takes on Roy Holiday

When A.J. Burnett left Toronto last year he thanked Holliday for showing him everything he did. A.J. basically learned how to to pitch and not over throw which had caused injuries in the past. Its also time for A.J. to step up like C.C. has of late, these two players were brought here to provide wins and keep them in games. A.J. started strong but has struggled in his last four starts. Either way it should be a good pitching match up. The Yankees need to take 2 out of 3 to keep pace with Toronto who has start the season hot.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Joba and Damon lift yankees 5-3

For the second straight outing Joba Chamberlin has had a rough first inning. It has been hurting his ability to go deeper into games. It seems that he may be to pumped up in the first. Once he settles down he seems to be fine. Being a strike out pitcher, he is going to throw a lot of pitches anyway. We will see what the Yankees can come up with in his next start over the weekend.

Damon on the other hand has been terrific lately. He did his heroics again on Sunday with a 2 run homer that broke a 3-3 tie and gave the Yankees the win. He also was named AL player of the week for last week.

A-Rod has been quiet since going deep on the first pitch he saw in his return. Hitting only .182 for the weekend and has made it known he feels a step slow right know. The One benefiting the most has been Mark Teixeira one homered in two straight games though is still struggling at the plate.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yankees Still Can't Put It Together

The Yankees have last five straight and fall two games below .500 . But this last lost was the most shocking of all of them. Just after the Yankees tied the game at 6-6 on Johnny Damons two run homer you most likely thought that things were looking up. With Mariano Rivera on the mound to start the nnth inning we all felt pretty good about our chances. Then the unexpected happened Carl Crawford homers to right, than Evan Longiara homers on the next pitch to left with a no doubter. The entire team is in a slump and there is no consistency at all. Its simple three forward two steps back. The best thing that could have happened is to get on the road in which they will be tonight to start a six game road trip with Baltimore and Toronto. Another good thing is tonight A-Rod is back. All the focus will know shift from the Yankees five game losing sreak to A-Rod. It may e what the doctor ordered.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yankees look to return the favor

Its time for the Yankees to return the favor to the Red Sox. It is a chance for the the Yankees to make a statement to the Sox regarding their young pitching. Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlin have an opportunity to open some eyes. It is time for the young pitching prospects for the Yankees to start delivering. The time has come for some sort of consistency in the starting rotation. Not just five innings, I'm talking about going into at least the seventh inning . The lack of this has hurt the bullpen. If this dosn't change then the Yankees will again be looking in from the outside at the season ends.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bullpen issues continue in Yankees 8-4 loss

The Yankees came in with a 4 game winning streak and feeling really good about themselves after rallying in dram tic fashion on Friday night. But the same evil problem popped up on Saturday afternoon again, May I introduce Mr. Bullpen. Outside of Rivera and Bruney everyone else has been either inconsistent or down right awful. When will Joe Girardi back off using Jose Veras? he folds up like a cheap umbrella. Damiso Marte has either been good or awful. Phil Coke has been good but at times awful. Edwar Ramierz has been roughed up also. David Roberson has not been used for some reason. I expect to see him used more soon. Mark Melancon who is a rookie has been impressive but has had his moments like Friday nights triple he gave up to the first batter he was facing with the bases loaded.

Here's what has to happen for things to get fixed. Its starts with the starting rotation to start stringing some solid starts together. Hope that Phil Hughes can become consistent we will have an idea with at least 2 more starts after today. Get Chien-Ming Wang mechanics fixed he finally admitted to having stiffness in his injured foot that prevented him from pushing off. I'm not sold on Joba Chamberlin as a starter, I think he can be more dominate as a setup man. Let me ask this question who should replace Mariano Rivera when he retires after next season ?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cabrera and Pena Lift Yankees to third straight win.

Melky Cabrera was told at the end of spring training that he was not going to be the starting center fielder. After having a strong spring, he did not get down on himself and continued to work hard. It has paid off and with Brett Gardner struggling at the plate Melky has been given an opportunity to start. Lets just say that he has taken advantage of it. He has had a walk off home run and did it again last night with a clutch hit in the bottom of the eighth inning that gave the Yankees the lead. Another bright spot was Ramiro Pena who then doubled and drove in two runs to give the Yankees some breathing room. Pena though only hitting .269 has opened some eyes and is felling more comfortable. He is definitely making a case to stay around when A-Rod returns in early May.

A.j. Burnett started for the Yankees and had a much needed bounce back game after a poor start in Boston over the week. Burnett went 7 innings, 8 hits, 1 walk, 5 strike outs then was replaced with Phil Coke and Mariano Rivera closed it out for the Yankees.